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In-night distribution

DANX’s core business is in-night deliveries. In the Nordic and Baltic region we deliver into the boot of more than 6000 service vans as well thousands of work-shops and other pre-defined delivery spots. An in-night delivery is shipped early evening and delivered before 07:00 the following morning.

This setup gives our customers several benefits i.a. faster availability of spare parts and a better utilization of technicians. In our view technicians should spend time on repairs - not waiting for spare parts to become available.

DANX is best-in-class in the Nordic and Baltic area when it comes to in-night delivery. We are the only in-night provider with our own distribution network in all seven countries. With a second-to-none coverage we cover distant and Northern regions where other providers must use expensive flights to provide the same coverage.

Another benefit of our In-night distribution is a unique high on-time performance. DANX operates with an on-time guarantee of more than 99%.

In-night delivery does not necessarily require key-access. We make individual and flexible agreements with our receivers, for example:

Key access to service vans
– delivery directly into car boot of technician.

Full or partial access to locked and alarmed service facilities
– e.g. entrance area or warehouse

Drop boxes outside facilities
– small shipping containers or plastic boxes

Unlocked but safe spots
– e.g. garages of technicians or sand boxes

Manned drop points
– see our PUDO's


Read more about DANX – we are today the leading in-night logistics provider in Scandinavia and the Baltic region.


DANX has developed a second to none infrastructure in the Nordic and Baltic region of smaller depots of time-critical spare parts.

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